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Global Research Council Seeking Topic Suggestions for 2024

GRC is inviting GRC participant organizations to submit topic suggestions for 2024 to the Program Committee.

The Program Committee is tasked with considering suggestions for topics from GRC participants and providing recommendations to the Governing Board who will then endorse and announce the topic/topics for the following year.

If you would like to propose a topic or revisit a previous GRC topic, then please complete the Topic suggestion Form available here and email to grc@fapesp.br by no later 31 January 2023. Before submitting a topic please consider and address the topic criteria below:

  • The potential interest in the topic among GRC participants and the wider international community.

  • The potential for the topic to lead to clear outputs and/or follow up actions.

  • The appropriateness of the topic for the GRC, i.e. the ability of participants to influence or to address issues raised by the topic.

  • The timeliness and relevance of the topic, if a previously discussed topic, why it is timely for the GRC to revisit it.

  • Whether the topic is already being discussed, or is more appropriately discussed within other international forums, e.g. OCED Global Science Forum (GSF), International Council for Science (ICS), the Group of Senior Officials on Global Research Infrastructures (GSO), International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA) etc.

Additional Information:

  • GRC participant organizations are permitted to submit more than one topic, but must provide a justification (maximum of one page) for each topic proposed, addressing the criteria for topic selection, as noted in the application form.

  • These topic suggestions will be considered by the Program Committee for the 2024 Annual Meeting.

  • The topic Sustainable Research has already been chosen for 2024, this is a call for the second topic to be suggested.

Overview of the main topics discussed at the previous Annual Meetings:

Merit Review2012Washington DC 
• Open Access
• Research Integrity
• Open Access
• The Next Generation of Researchers
• Breakthrough Science 
• Capacity Building 
• Interdisciplinarity 
• Promoting Equality and Status of Women 
2016New Delhi 
• Innovation and Fundamental Science 
• Capacity Building
• Science Diplomacy 
• Revisit of Peer/Merit Review 
• Expectations of Societal and Economic Impact2019São Paulo 
• Mission-Orientated Research
• Public Engagement
2021Virtual (Durban) 
• Research Ethics, Integrity and Culture in the Context of
Rapid Results Research 
• Science and Technology Workforce Development
2022Panama City 
• The responsibilities and opportunities of research funders in
addressing climate change
• Innovations in recognizing and rewarding scientists
2023The Hague 
• Sustainable Research
• To be decided (Call for topic suggestion open)


For further information relating to the Program Committee and submitting a topic suggestion, please email grc@fapesp.br.