The Global Research Council has a long-term objective of fostering multilateral research and collaboration across continents to benefit both developing and developed nations.

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Global Research Council

The Global Research Council is a virtual organisation, comprised of the heads of science and engineering funding agencies from around the world, dedicated to promoting the sharing of data and best practices for high-quality collaboration among funding agencies worldwide.


Governing Board

The Global Research Council is presided by the Governing Board, consisting of up to eleven members elected by GRC participants.


Executive Support Group

To meet the demands of continuity and transparency in its procedures, the Governing Board has appointed an Executive Support Group (ESG) as well as an Executive Secretary.


Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Working Group

The group is guided, in its deliberations, activities, and strategic planning, by the idea that broadening participation and practicing inclusive analysis contributes to research and innovation. It promotes gender equality from an intersectional perspective, considering the overlapping of gender with other dimensions of inequality, such as race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, disability, and geographical location.


Responsible Research Assessment Working Group

The GRC RRA working group drives forward the dialogue between GRC participants, as well as designs and delivers actions that help and support GRC participants to implement RRA principles. It aims to advocate for the importance of RRA; and to provide guidance and support to participant organisations on embedding RRA in their practices, as well as in the organisations they fund.


Multilateral Engagement Working Group

The Multilateral Engagement Working Group (MLE-WG) was created as a result from the broad interest of GRC participants for a stronger multilateral engagement, and has the following objectives: map the landscape of available multilateral funding mechanisms/programmes globally; scope possible roles for the GRC in facilitating multilateral engagement; and develop options for respective implementation and a roadmap for multilateral collaboration.